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Is Mahira Khan pregnant? Actor responds to viral claims

Recently, many Indian portals have reported that Mahira Khan, the Pakistani superstar, is expecting a child with husband Salim Karim. Numerous Indian outlets, such as Times of India, Pinkvilla, and News18, quoted a Reddit post that made the initial claim. Mahira has now exclusively spoken to The Express Tribune, clarifying the situation once and for all.

According to News18, “Recently, a post surfaced on the social media platform, Reddit, which claimed that Mahira Khan might be pregnant with her second child. It further added that the actress has taken a step back from her esteemed projects, Netflix’s Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo and another yet-to-be-titled film. The post read, ‘So, I got this news from a close source that she opted out of the esteemed Netflix project alongside a big film as she’s expecting her second child somewhere in August or September. An announcement could be made soon or not if she chooses to announce it after birth but as she’s a big celeb and can’t keep it lowkey for long, I personally feel that she will announce.'”

As per Mahira’s conversation with The Express Tribune, however, “It’s not true that I’m pregnant. And I haven’t left the Netflix series.” The star’s reaction comes after many portals have run the news based on a Reddit post. Pinkvilla took to their Instagram to share, “Actress Mahira Khan is all set to become a Mama to two and welcome her first baby with hubby Salim Karim. The couple recently tied the knot and took the whole gram by storm with their wedding pictures. We wish nothing but love and happiness for their new journey ahead. Congratulations guys.”

Given that Mahira has spoken up about the matter, all conjecture should hopefully come to an end. This is also a reminder of fact-checking news, instead of basing it on posts that claim to have all the information, especially if the news is run as a fact.

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